Ten reasons for choosing HOLISUN

  1. More than 10 years of experience in software and web development for public and private customers;
  2. Fair quality/cost ratio;
  3. Projects varying from several thousands euro to several millions of euro;
  4. Flexibility regarding technologies, languages and frameworks used (see About us);
  5. Major certificates in quality, security, management, which guarantee:
    - professional management;
    - standardized procedures and protocols for all processes, including software life cycle;
    - security of IT infrastracture;
    - safety of customer's information.
  6. We are close to our partners wherever they are around the world;
  7. We adhere closely to customer requirements;
  8. We foster the customer's added value;
  9. HOLISUN has partners and customers all over Europe (Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain) and around the world (USA). For more details see our portfolio;
  10. Wide experience in EU bidding and regulations.