Online catalog

ONLINE CATALOG is an e-catalog service that has as main objective raising the educational system's quality by enhancing the family-school relation.

When running the program for the first time, we recommend you to have your school informatician aid you. The initial necessary information will be declared by him in the following order:

  • Subjects,
  • Teachers,
  • Classes,
  • Pupils,
  • Parents

Within this service:

  • we offer the pupils' parents the possibility to view, from their homes anytime, their children grades and absences, without them needing to go to school and contact the teachers.
  • we make a better communication between teacher and parent, making it possible to send online messages both-ways.
  • we offer institutions the possibility to generate weekly reports regarding grades (grades, thesis, grades-average) and absences (justified, unjustified and total number) of the pupils, at a class level or the entire collective.
  • you can generate situations and on-demand reports from the School Inspection or Education Ministry (transcripts, school-related situations etc.)
  • we offer the possibility for the class-masters of automatically calculate: grades-averages, general averages, class averages, justified absences, unjustified absences, per pupil or class, avoiding errors occured when manually counted.
  • promote diverse events which take place within school.

Administrator Area

The administrator will be able to set the current school year, the contact data for the school and will make sure that the site works well.

Inserting subjects

The subjects will be inserted by the administrator, which will be able to edit / delete them from the Subjects area in the admin panel.

Inserting teachers

In order to add a teacher to the database the following will be needed: name, ID-number and email address. These can be edited / deleted in the admin panel and from the teachers' area, they will be able to change their passwords.

Classes management

In order to add a class the following will be needed: order number (0-13) and the letter. After a class is added, the class master will be selected for that specific class and the subjects taught.

Pupils management

In order to add a new pupil, all his data will be required, starting with his name, ending with his mother tongue. Finally, the pupil will be assigned to his belonging class. The inserted data can be modified by the administrator.

Grades management

The grades, the averages and absences can be edited or deleted only by the administrator for security reasons. The class will be selected, along with the pupil and the subject where the grade needs to be changed and after that a list with all his grades at that subject will be displayed.


Within this application one can generate semestrial, anual and other kind of reports.


Within this application one can issue receipts for pupils.

Teacher Area

The teacher can authenticate with their username set in the administration area and the system-generated password.

Teachers attributes

The teacher will select the subject where he wants to grade pupils in the right-upper area of the screen. In order to offer flexibility, the class master will be able to grade within all of the subjects. The teacher will be able to add grades (1-10) or ratings (Is, S, G, VG) for the classes from I to IV, with a specification whether it's thesis or not. The pupil's average can be automatically calculated after inserting the minimum number of grades. Also, the teacher will be able to justify absences, but only as "late", for a pupil within his own subject, and also message the parents.

Parent Area

The parent can authenticate with his username set in the administrator area and the system-generated password. He can see the pupil's grades, absences and averages.